Walmart Private Labels

Te ayudamos save your EFFORT by getting QUALITY products to sell. You add a PRIVATE LABEL on goods selling with YOUR brand. Saving your TIME and MONEY, Leeline helps you source goods. 

With us, YOU make double profit with AFFORDABLE PRICE of Walmart private labels.

Walmart Private Labels

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Nuestros Walmart Private Label Los servicios incluyen:

Servicio de Desarrollo de Productos

Servicio de Desarrollo de Productos

We source products and add PRIVATE LABELS for an extensively developed retail brand. During your free time, you work on other business matters related to your own brand. The logo of your brand adds to each product.

YOU get ACCURATE AND POCKET SAVING private-label products promoting your brand. 

Confirmación de muestras

Our team communicates with multiple brands that offer the precio más bajo for samples. You receive images and samples of AFFORDABLE YET HIGH QUALITY Walmart brands.

Depending on your needs, you confirm the product. Leeline proceeds with your selected product to source the required quantity.

Confirming Sample
Seguimiento de la producción

Seguimiento de la producción

We ensure the products match the sample quality. Our QUALITY CHECK STAFF follows up with the store brands. You get promising, quality, and cost-effective private-label products.

Inspeccion de calidad

You never complain about the LOW-QUALITY PRODUCTS. You get high-quality goods at a 40% less rate. Our quality check team ensures each product falls on strict criteria.

We maintain the MARKET STANDARD in your products. Keeping your customers from BOUNCING OFF.

Control de calidad del producto
Cumplimiento y envío

Cumplimiento y envío

You store your products in our WAREHOUSE for 30 días WITHOUT PAYING. Your customers directly receive your PRIVATE LABEL PRODUCTS without YOU touching the inventory.

Our company negotiates with reliable and affordable shipping companies to ship your shipments.

¿por qué nosotros?

Experiencia profesional 

You get a sourcing experience of 10+ years, allowing you to save time. Sourcing, quality check, cumplimiento, and shipping is all our responsibility. You get relieved from all the efforts. 

Productos de alta calidad

YOU win the hearts of your customers by providing affordable and long-lasting products. Putting an eagle’s eye on every product, our team QUALITY CHECKS to ensure everything is up to the mark.

Excelente Precio

You don’t need to contact the private label brands and negotiate over price. We do the job for you by providing HIGH-PROFIT MARGIN products with private labels.

Private Label

We help you differentiate from other BRANDS, bringing more customers to you. YOU get professionally privately labeled products, enhancing your appearance among customers. 

Escúchalo de un compañero Walmart Private Label Mayorista

I was searching for a company that sells products with my brand name. No one has enough time to contact the factories and get their product manufacturing. One of my friends then told me about Leelinesourcing. Today I am making overnight revenue with Leelinsourcing’s sourced products with my brand name and logo. I feel there can be nothing better than this.

– Lisa, New York

Obtenga su Walmart Private Label Products and Make Big Money

Ofrecemos el mejor precio al por mayor y alta calidad. Walmart private label productos que le ayudarán a impulsar su negocio.

How to Sell Private-label Products at Walmart?

Want to start your business but don’t have to manufacture your own products? No hay necesidad de hacer esto en absoluto.

You can get READY-MADE, HIGH-QUALITY PRODUCTS at affordable rates, saving time and effort. 

Be the rockstar of your business niche selling Walmart privately labeled products.

This article explains every bit of information about Walmart private labels. Our 10+ years of sourcing experience help you beat popular store brands.

Let’s have a detailed look at what’s Walmart private label is and how you can sell on Walmart.

How to Sell Private-label Products at Walmart

What are Walmart’s private labels?

Walmart allows many retailers to build their brand using the products from Walmart. You establish your brand by selling the products under your business name. They provide quality products making a positive reputation for private label brands.

They are the second-largest e-commerce website in the world. Already helped more than 300 businesses to succeed in private label brands.

Walmart’s private-label brands 

Walmart's private-label brands

Walmart has more than 300 private label brands, growing successfully. Knowing a few will help you know more about the growing popularity of Walmart.

1: Sam’s Choice

Introduced in 1991, Sam’s Choice/Sam’s club is a great value brand selling the best products. It has a premium value in Walmart because it provides more competitive quality than other brands. Many of the products they sell are the “icons” of the industry.

The products they sell include:

  • Cookies
  • Serpiente
  • Frozen items
  • Other premium food products 

2: Great Value

Great value falls in the national brand offerings category, serving people since 1992. With a high-quality national brand, the price of each private label product is very low to increase customer loyalty to brand. 

They sell:

  • Pan
  • Vegetales congelados
  • Galletas
  • Rollos de canela
  • Brands foods
  • And other very basic grocery items.

3: Equate

Equate sells great value brand products and is a cosmetics brand owned. Before becoming a Walmart brand, Equate was an independent brand that sold: 

  • Productos de Belleza
  • Pharmacy products
  • medicamentos

However, now it’s a Walmart store brand leading with many other reputable brands.

4: OL’Roy

It’s a very old brand marketed for selling dog food for years. Since 1983, OL Roy has been increasing its brand value. By providing the best possible dog food, sold exclusively. OL’Roy pet food is even tested by the U.S Food and Drug Administration Center. It’s the best-selling brand at Walmart, and US consumers follow it happily.

5: Price First 

It is a low-priced store brand introduced in 2013. The first aim of the brand was to work as a low-priced generic brand.

It sells traditional grocery store products, including: 

  • artículos de papel
  • routine grocery
  • Leche
  • Granos
  • Pasta
  • Fideos
  • Espagueti 

¿Buscando los mejores productos chinos?

Leelinesourcing le ayuda a encontrar los mejores productos Hecho en China con alta calidad a un costo atractivo.

Why sell private label products at Walmart? 

Why sell private label products at Walmart

Selling private-label products at Walmart is highly profitable and hustle-free. You control almost everything sitting on your couch from home. Here are some more reasons why they sell private label products at Walmart.

1: Opportunity for Higher Revenue 

Private label products allow you to buy from the product manufacturers directly. Reducing product costs, leading to an opportunity for higher profit margins.

2: Your Name On Brand

The best thing about selling private-label products is your name on the products. This creates your identity in the customer’s mind. This leads to your success, instead of only reselling the products. It’s the easiest way to develop your brand without putting too much effort and finance.

3: Customizable Products

You customize the product according to your brand’s strategies. Giving the benefit of making your products valuable from the other private brands.  Customizing also helps to address your customer’s requirements.

4: Control Over Listing

You must create listings when launching private label products on an E-Commerce site. It is a complicated process. However, Walmart provides easy control over making listings. You easily add images, keywords, and listings. 

How to sell private-label products at Walmart?

Selling private-label products at Walmart is the best way to make money with less effort. Here is a brief guide about how to sell private-label products at Walmart. 

1: Researching The Product

It is the first and most important step. Your success is definite if you find the right product using research tools. 

You use tools like Helium 10 and Jungle scout to find the best-selling products.

2: Finding Reliable Supplier

Now it’s time to source the product from a reliable proveedor. You need to focus on the quality and price of the product. Sourcing cheap products offer high-profit margins. Leeline can help you find a reliable supplier quickly with money-saving and top-quality products.

3: Creating New Listing

Create a listing of your product on Walmart to make it available for the customers to buy it. You may have a high-quality and affordable product. But you fail to sell it if the listing isn’t created professionally.

4: Selecting a Fulfillment Method

Choosing a fulfillment method is important because it affects your total budget. You have three options for selecting a fulfillment method:

  • Fulfill yourself by keeping products at home or your warehouse. When a customer orders, you pack and ship the product. This is usually less costly, but you must put in more effort.
  • You hire a third party to store, pack and deliver your products. Leelinesourcing is one of the best fulfillment services. It provides companies with the lowest rates. You hire us to manage all the hustles for you.
  • You use the Walmart fulfillment option. In this case, the company handles everything, and you don’t need to worry.

5: Finally Launching The Product

This is the final step when you make the product visible in the Walmart product section. Now people buy your product. 

¿Está buscando el mejor agente de compras de China?

Abastecimiento Leeline lo ayuda a encontrar fábricas, obtener precios competitivos, hacer un seguimiento de la producción, garantizar la calidad y entregar los productos en la puerta.

FAQs about Walmart Private Labels

Why does Walmart promote private brands?

Customers prefer to buy from private label brand believing the product to be of high value. Walmart is an e-commerce platform that wants to grow, and such brands are the best at doing this.  The more a private brand is marketed, and promoted, the better performance it will have. This leads to the success of Walmart.

How does Walmart price its private labels?

Walmart charges very low prices from its private labels allowing a high-profit margin. The lower price Walmart offers, the more private brands prefer to buy from them.

Does Walmart manufacture its own products?

No, Walmart is not a manufacturing company. It’s a sourcing company selling products from suppliers, mostly from the US. Domestically made products account for most retail products in major markets like Mexico.

Why are private labels more profitable?

• In most cases, private labels do not need to manufacture their products. This saves a lot of time to focus on marketing strategies.
• Customers prefer to buy from private labels. Because there is a thought of luxury and quality attached.

What is the difference between private labels and brands?

Private labels are companies selling non-labeled products to retailers and brands. While private label brand sells these products using their brand’s name.

Que sigue

Walmart private label products reduce your effort and time spent. You START YOUR BUSINESS right away after checking the samples for quality.  You delight your customers with high-quality and money-saving products answering their pain points.

Do you want to become the lowest-priced brand to make your customers happy?

Our sourcing team takes care of your business sourcing needs. Get the RELIABLE sourcing solutions you need today by sending us your QUERY.

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