How To Sell On Etsy

Abastecimiento Leeline entrega SERVICIO COMPLETO from sourcing to shipping. Our experts have a DÉCADA of EXPERIENCE. So you get QUALITY to sell on Etsy. 

Get a FLAWLESS APPROACH to your business with us! 

Sell On Etsy

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Is Selling On Etsy Worth It? 2022

Yes. If you have plans of registering an Etsy account, it is a WONDERFUL APPROACH. 

THEY have access to almost all types of categories. For example HECHO A MANO goods or Craft supplies. 

By selling these items, you get MÁS DEL 20% profit per item. So your business becomes more lucrative. Be QUICK. And start your Etsy Shop right away! 

Lectura sugerida: ¿Es seguro Etsy para comprar o vender en línea?
Sell On Etsy

Nuestros Sell On Etsy Los servicios incluyen:

Abastecimiento de proveedores de productos

Proveedores de productos de abastecimiento

We have a LIST OF SUPPLIERS. Before choosing, we implement a STRICT CRITERION. Only a proveedor CALIFICADO according to your rules can make a place in OUR LIST. So you contact ONLY CREÍBLE SUPPLIERS. 

DO 100% RISK-FREE trade with our TOP SUPPLIERS. 

Control de calidad del producto

We have a SPECIAL control de calidad team. Our team is FULLY TRAINED and READY to assess the products. We ASK the suppliers to provide us with the SAMPLE. After samples, we TEST them. And Ensure they meet your REQUIREMENTS. 

Get 100% QUALITATIVE PRODUCTS without any problems! 

Control de calidad del producto
Etiqueta privada y etiqueta blanca

Productos de marca privada y marca blanca

We help sell on ETSY in every possible way. You get DIRECT ACCESS to ETIQUETA PRIVADA  y PRODUCTOS DE ETIQUETA BLANCA. OUR team labels your products with your BUSINESS LOGO. You obtain more business recognition after selling BRANDED INVENTORY

Be one step ahead of your COMPETITORS with the ETIQUETA PRIVADA inventario. 

Dropshipping y cumplimiento

We are an ALL-IN-ONE eCommerce solution for you. From FUENTE to SHIPPING, we believe in INTEGRADO services. Once you receive orders from your customers, we SHIP. Our Team removes the DEFECTUOSO items. And ships only QUALITY products to your consumers.


centro de Cumplimiento

Escúchalo de un compañero Mayorista

I love their services. They Are more than what I expected. Smooth Communication. Affordable rates. And what else someone needs for a business. Would Recommend them. 

– Jimmy, USA

Obtenga sus productos y gane mucho dinero

Ofrecemos el mejor precio al por mayor y productos de alta calidad para ayudarte a impulsar tu negocio.

Sell On Etsy In 6 Easy Steps 2022

How to sell on ETSY? What to sell on ETSY? When to sell on Etsy? 

Are these QUESTIONS revolving around your BRAIN? If so,  you are not DIFFERENT. 

Most sellers ask one thing from our EXPERTS, como vender online

That is what aroused us to WRITE this GUIDE. And HELP you UNDERSTAND every aspect. 

Nuestros SUMINISTRO DE LEELINE team has more than just SOURCING. You get Inventory Management and SHIPPING. Grab 100% POSITIVE REVIEWS from customers after reviewing our services.


Let’s get a DETAILED ANSWER on how to sell to ETSY buyers. 

Sell On Etsy

Is Etsy the right eCommerce platform for you?

Yes. Who Said it is not? 

ETSY is one of the TOP eCommerce sites. You Open your online store. Start Selling without any RISK. 

Moreover, you have access to almost ALL CATEGORIES of selling. Whether you are selling VINTAGE ITEMS or Seller Handbook, GO AHEAD! 

The competition is NOT as high as in other online marketplaces. 

What are the costs of selling on Etsy?

costs of selling on Etsy

Etsy charges DIFFERENT types of Etsy FEES for selling.  

Here is the LIST. 

  • Tarifa de Listado 

Listing FEES is $0.20 per listing. It does not matter whether you create a PUBLIC or private listing. 

  • Tarifa de procesamiento de pagos 

Payment processing fees apply when you USE ETSY PAYMENTS. 

Para los propietarios de Istanbul E-pass el Museo de Madame Tussauds de Estambul es $0.25 + 3% of the final price. 

  • Tarifa de transacción 

Transaction fees are 6.5% of the TOTAL sale price of the PRODUCT. 

Etsy calculates this FEE after the discounts or ELSE THINGS. 

  • Cuota de suscripción

The subscription fee is $10 per MONTH. You Have to PAY ACCORDINGLY. 

¿Está buscando el mejor agente de compras de China?

Leeline Sourcing lo ayuda a encontrar fábricas, obtener precios competitivos, hacer un seguimiento de la producción, garantizar la calidad y entregar los productos en la puerta.

Why should you sell on Etsy?

Why sell on Etsy

Why ETSY? SOMEONE said it has over 100 MILLION potential customers. 

Is that even true? Whatever it is, the ULTIMATE goal is why to SELL. 

Here are many reasons. 


Etsy sellers GET EVERY facility to sell. 

The store setup is QUITE simple. A few steps and you are GOOD to go for selling. 

An ETSY app even increases the EASE to work. 

So, no complex mechanism, NO WORRIES. 

A Large Number of Buyers 

Según Stats from STATISTA, Etsy had over a 96million buyers. 

An ETSY buyer is an EXCELLENT opportunity to make sales. 

More buyers mean more chances for selling. That’s what makes Etsy sellers choose this platform. 


Herramientas de marketing

Etsy provides access to Etsy ads. 

It is an excellent opportunity to MARKET your NEWLY ESTABLISHED brand.

Your brand can appear in Etsy search results. Get access to OFFSITE ADS and SHOP MANAGER. 

Lectura sugerida: Los 15 mejores sitios como Etsy para sus ventas en línea de artesanías hechas a mano

How to sell on Etsy—A step-by-step guide

Vende en Etsy

Here are SOME STEPS to sell on ETSY. 

Step 1: Register for an Etsy account 

To become an ETSY seller, create an ACCOUNT. 

Add your EMAIL ADDRESS. Fill out all the OTHER requirements. 

Pay the SUBSCRIPTION fee if you choose a PAID PLAN. 

Step 2: Set your Etsy Shop preferences 

Once you have REGISTERED an account, it is TIME to open an ETSY SHOP. 

OPEN the Etsy store. Set your Etsy shop preferences. The following IMPORTANT points are available to know. 

  • Shop language 
  • Shop currency 
  • Ubicación de la tienda 
  • Type of ETSY seller

Step 3: Choose Shop Name 

The Etsy store’s name is QUITE CRUCIAL. 

Once you have selected the name, you are GOOD to GO. 

Here are some Etsy shop policies regarding names. 

  • The name should be around 4 to 20 characters. 
  • There must be NO SPACING. 
  • The name must be ORIGINAL not a COPYRIGHTED one. 

Step 4: Create Etsy listings 

Have you COMPLETED the ABOVE steps? 

If yes, it is TIME to focus on the ETSY LISTING. 

Upload products. List them in your ETSY STORE. 

  • Add product images. 
  • Set up shipping costs. 
  • Choose Etsy payments. 
  • Fulfill all the REQUIREMENTS needed. 

Step 5: Setup Payment Methods 

You can RECEIVE payments in LOCAL currency. And It is possible when you are from the ELIGIBLE territory.

Choose PayPal or any other payment method such as BANK ACCOUNT. 

Paso 6: Vender

Once you have done, just SELL and FULFILL orders. Get POSITIVE ETSY reviews.  

What are the requirements to sell on Etsy?

requirements to sell on Etsy

Sellers on ETSY are not DIRECT. 

Instead, there are SOME RULES. That’s what MAKES Etsy a platform of TRUST. 

HERE ARE SOME RULES valid from December 1, 2022.

  • Su productos hechos a mano MUST BE handmade. And Vintage inventory must be at least 20 years old. 
  • Never sell the ARTÍCULOS PROHIBIDOS on Etsy. Otherwise, you might FACE account suspension. 
  • If you are a MEMBER of the ETSY community, follow communication rules. No use of ABUSE LANGUAGE is allowed. 
  • Never manipulate the RESEÑAS. If Etsy catches you, you might get SUSPENDED. 

Useful tips to be successful selling on Etsy

tips to sell on Etsy

There are MANY tips for successful shop management to ensure online SALES. 

Customers want SOMETHING unique. And it is ETSY that provides them. 

Here are TIPS. 

  • Always be CLEAR in your product description 

Etsy businesses are ONLY successful? When? 

When they LIST clear descriptions of products. If a BUYER visits the product, DESCRIPTION is the main goal. 

COMPEL buyer here! 

  • Add QUALITY images 

High-quality IMAGES build TRUST. And you have to GET the images.

Ensure all the IMAGES have HIGH resolution. 

  • Be Good in SEO

SEO helps store owners BOOST their ranking in search results. 

And it is TIME to add the keywords to boost your ranking. 

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A este tenor,  el albergue mejor calificado Agente de abastecimiento de China, lo ayudamos a encontrar fábricas, obtener precios competitivos, hacer un seguimiento de la producción, garantizar la calidad y entregar los productos en la puerta.

Payment methods supported by Etsy 

Métodos de pago

For subscribing to a premium selling plan, you have to pay a FEE. 

And how will you pay the FEE? 

The payment methods are QUITE CRUCIAL in this. 

Here is the LIST of payment methods. 

  • Tarjetas de crédito y débito
  • Etsy Gift Cards and Etsy Credits
  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay
  • PayPal
  • Klarna Financing (United States)
  • Klarna installment payments (Australia, Canada, Spain, United Kingdom, United States)
  • Klarna Pay in 30 days (Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, Finland, and Norway )
  • iDEAL (the Netherlands)
  • Sofort (Austria and Germany)

Payment account currencies DIFFER from region to region. Other sellers might accept ETSY payments other than the above. 

Pensamiento final 

Etsy is not a NEW SOURCE for selling. 

Millions of buyers have been TRUSTING this site. All due to QUALITY sellers. 

You can import products from ALIBABA or ALIEXPRESS. And sell to your customers. 

Go ahead and ROCK in the MARKET. 

FAQs about Sell On Etsy

1. How much can I make on Etsy without paying taxes?

Shop owners make up to 10,000 BUCKS OR MORE. Usually, sales tax cuts decrease overall ETSY REVENUE. 
Without paying taxes, you can determine how much you can EARN. 

2. What is the Etsy transaction fee?

Etsy charges the TRANSACTION FEE for an eCommerce store. 
For every sale, you have to pay a 6.5% TARIFA DE TRANSACCIÓN. And It applies to all of your orders. For example, if you make sales of $100, $6.5 will be cut as the transaction fee. 

3. What can you sell on Etsy?

You can sell many things on the ETSY. For example: 
· Craft and Supplies
· Selling Handmade Items
· Wedding essentials & Jewelry
· Home Decor 
These are the MOST popular categories to sell on Etsy. Small business owners sell on ETSY SUCCESSFULLY. 

Que sigue

Do you know what makes a DIFFERENCE in selling? 

There are MANY FACTORS. For example: 

  • PROVIDE FREE shipping services 
  • You support customers post-sale. 

If you get control over these FACTORS, your small business is 100% successful. 

Want to get 100%, SATISFIED customers? Contact SUMINISTRO DE LEELINE. We provide QUALITY PRODUCTS. OUR shipping fees are AFFORDABLE. 


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