Easyship Reviews 2022: Ultimate Guide For Millionaire Game!

Sharline Shaw

Welcome to my full Easyship reviews – a worldwide one-stop shipping platform. 

Choosing good logistics partners to deliver goods is vital for negocios de comercio electrónico. Otherwise, you might receive negative reviews without appropriate management.

We are a team of sourcing and shipping experts with decades of experience. You get convenient and cost-efficient shipping solutions to boost your profit. From a professional point of view, we guide you through the following: 

  • What is Easyship
  • Step By Step Process On How Easyship Works
  • Precios Planes
  • Atención al cliente 
  • Easyship Key Features
  • Pros y contras

Is Easyship indeed easy to ship? Let’s explore and find out in this ten-minute guide.

Easyship Reviews

About Easyship: Is Easyship legit?

Sobre Easyship

¡Sí! Facilidad is LEGIT and EASY to use. And it fulfills ALL your shipping needs.

As a one-stop shipment management solution, it integrates with leading eCommerce selling platforms, couriers, and warehouses. TODO EN UNO

Manage and track your e-commerce order shipment with Easyship. MORE satisfying customers, MORE sales! 

You use Easyship to deliver your goods to customers alrededor del mundo. Manage your shipment with MINIMAL effort. Your orders are ON TRACK with this systematic platform. Dealing with bulk orders is not a hassle anymore. 

What’s more? Frequent shipping discounts. Save more cost on shipping fees and bring more PROFIT. You won’t like to miss that. 

Who Uses Easyship?

Uses Easyship

Easyship is a perfect match for e-commerce owners or businessmen

It connects major online marketplaces and provides shipping services from checkout to delivery. Thus, it is the perfect solution for business startups. You save A LOT of time researching how to manage your shipment.

With Easyship, you choose from over 100 shipping companies and enjoy up to 30% your shipping costs. SAVE & EARN. 

Here are some successful e-commerce owners who trusted Easyship:

  • Natures Collection
  • FluentPet
  • SleepWooven
  • Keezel
  • Pod Labs
  • Herbolab 

And many more! E-commerce owners LOVE the better ahorro de costos that Easyship provides. Grow your business and become the next one listed here, too. 

Step By Step Process On How Easyship Works

How Easyship Works

Easyship makes international shipping INCREDIBLY EASY. Anyone can get started within a few clicks. Let’s look at the simple steps to get started. 

Step 1: Create an Easyship Courier Account

Navigate to the Easyship website and click Sign-Up. Input the information to create your own courier accounts. Make sure you insert accurate information when setting up your courier account. 

Step 2: Integrate With Your E-Commerce Store 

Navigate to Connect > New Integration. Choose your e-commerce platform (e.g. Shopify, WooCommerce). Click “Add App”. Then, you’re ready to use the Easyship app on your related e-commerce platform. Simple and easy.

Step 3: Manage Your Shipments 

There are SO MANY functions you can do with the Easyship dashboard, like: 

  • Process bulk orders
  • Schedule order pickup
  • Customize shipping labels
  • Ease payments for shipping services
  • Gestionar devoluciones
  • Calculate applicable taxes
  • Track orders and shipments

All in one. That’s what we are searching for. 

Podemos Hecho Envío directo desde China Fácil

Abastecimiento Leeline es ayudar a Shopify y a las pequeñas empresas a obtener productos de China y construir su negocio de marca.

Easyship Reviews: Pricing Plans


Don’t worry if you are an negocio de eCommerce startup with a limited budget. 

A Plan GRATUITO is available on Easyship. Also, you choose to subscribe to a plan pagado with more advanced functionalities. 

Monthly and annual subscriptions are available. A yearly subscription will save hasta 20% of the original pricing.

Easyship provides 4 different subscription plans. You may choose one that best suits your business needs.

  • Gratis: Up to 50 shipments per month, suitable for those who like to try out the platform
  • MÁS: $29/month, up to 500 packages per month 
  • Premier: $69/month, up to 1500 shipments each month 
  • Empresa: customized price, can ship over 2,500 packages monthly

The best thing? It has NO hidden fees. Your monthly costs are your subscription plan, postage cost, and insurance.  

Easyship Reviews: Customer Support

Atención al cliente

Customer support is crucial when we need help with platform management. Tiers differentiate the Easyship customer support team from other shipping carriers.

You get more advanced customer support if you subscribe to a higher-cost plan. Still, free users get essential customer support through email. Below is the summary of customer support on different subscription plans:

GratisMÁSPremier Empresa
Asistencia por correo electrónico
Soporte de chat
Asistencia telefónica

Easyship offers free help to users by accessing resources and blogs on its website. They also provide video guides for customers to go through platform functionalities. 

Easyship Reviews: Key Features

Easyship’s main goal is to make international shipping EASIER, CHEAPER, and more EFFICIENT. Customization is available to best match your business needs and preferences. 

The features provided would definitely cut your workload on shipment management. 

Vamos a sumergirnos profundamente. 

Facilidad de uso

Facilidad de uso

Easyship INTEGRATES with major eCommerce platforms like Shopify, eBay, and Etsy. The powerful integration connects the shipment management system to your eCommerce store. As a result, everything turns out to be in sync and EXTREMELY efficient.

Even small eCommerce merchants can join Easyship. It fulfills all the needs of small businesses shipping solutions.

What’s more? The dashboard design of Easyship is clean and minimalist. Add shipment, schedule pickups, and print shipping labels within clicks. You get more satisfied customers via fast shipping.

Also, the robust analytics dashboard visualizes a en tiempo real overview of your shipping metrics. No more headaches dealing with data.

Integraciones de comercio electrónico

Integraciones de comercio electrónico

Easyship is the go-between for your eCommerce store, customers, and shipping partners. 

Integrate your eCommerce sales channels into the applications without hassles. Streamline your eCommerce operations and make more happy customers.

With e-commerce integration, you get benefits by: 

  • Instant Access to Discounted rates

Save up to 70% off retail on 250+ global shipping solutions.

  • Product & Order Sync

Sync your products and generate PRECISE shipping rates for all orders.

  • Complete Cost Visibility

Show the total cost of shipping at checkout, including any duty and import tax, surcharges, etc. 

  • Generación Automatizada de Documentos

Automate the generation of all shipping documents, including shipping labels and customs documents.

Easyship integrates with the following eCommerce platforms:

  • BigCommerce
  • eBay
  • Etsy
  • Amazon
  • Magento
  • Shopify
  • Squarespace
  • WooCommerce
  • Zapier

Optimized for Ecommerce

Optimized for Ecommerce

Easyship is GREAT for eCommerce merchants to suit different business needs. Connect Easyship with your store to sync your orders. Ahorre tiempo y energía. to input the orders.

Guess what? The powerful Easyship automates the tracking information updates from time to time. It sends order tracking emails to your customers to alert parcel progress. EFFICIENT and ACCURATE, and this is what your customer is looking for.

The checkout process is FAST and SIMPLIFIED. You get more sales conversions without customers leaving at the last minute. Besides, Easyship offers dynamic rates during checkout (within clicks!) Your customers get a better shopping experience, leading to more repeat sales.

Funciones de envío

Funciones de envío

Easyship has a big relationship with shipping. 

Easyship provides many reliable shipping services and features to streamline your business process. Here’s what Easyship brings to you:

More Options to Create Shipments

You either input the shipping details by hand or upload an Excel file with your orders. Or sync your store with Easyship and download your orders en un clic.

Generate All Shipping Documents Needed

Generate and print shipping labels, commercial invoices, and packing slips QUICKLY. The documents speed up despacho de aduana. Your customers receive the products Más rápida.

Schedule Courier Pick-Ups: 

Contact shipping carriers online from the Easyship dashboard. Choose your pickup time and location to save hassles and enhance productivity. 

Opciones personalizables

Opciones personalizables

Easyship tailors your shipping requirements to fit your process. 

CUSTOMIZE your shipping preferences by selecting a specific shipping carrier based on details. For instance, shipping destination, product type, weight, and more. It facilita your customers and you throughout the entire shipping process. As a result, your customers ENJOY more convenience with Easyship’s shipping service.

Also, you customize your tracking page to enhance your customers’ experience. Below are what you can do to BOOST your brand reputation and recognition:

  • Show header
  • Show courier contact
  • Show contact information
  • Mostrar anuncio
  • Add Footnote

 Una forma rápida, fácil y económica de enviar desde China 

No dude en ponerse en contacto con Leeline Sourcing en cualquier momento con respecto a sus envíos desde China.

Experiencia de entrega

Experiencia de entrega

Easyship software has partnered with more than 100 reputable carriers. You get your mejor partido courier from domestic to international shipping.

What’s more, DISCOUNT on courier fees!

Easyship offers special off-the-market shipping rates. The discounted rates are as much as 70%. Saves you more costs, which means more PROFITS. Amazing, right?

Below are some examples of Easyship partner shipping couriers: 

  • DHL Express
  • UPS
  • Aramex
  • FedEx
  • USPS
  • Exportación plana 
  • GlobalPost 

In short, you save COST and EFFORT on managing shipping couriers. No more hassles, as Easyship is a hub to connect you with shipping couriers.

Impuestos y deberes

Import tax and duty cost calculation are crucial for cross-border shipments. You must show ACCURATE shipping costs to customers so you don’t bear the extra fees.

Taxes and duty requirements differ from country to country. They also depend on the product types and value of the shipment. So, E-commerce merchants struggle to keep up with these requirements. 

No worries! Let the Easyship platform do the job.

Easyship determines the taxes and duties for each of your international shipments. It sums up the total shipping cost during checkout. Customers have a CLEARER view of international shipping costs.

Alternatives to Easyship

Various alternative platforms provide similar services as Easyship. Listed herewith are the main features and pros of the recognizable platforms.



Dropified is a software that handles product import and Cumplimiento de la orden. It provides many product-related features, such as:

  • Auto update on product prices 
  • Sync product and inventory 
  • products filtering using email
  • simple product variant settings (model, color, design, etc.)

The strength of Dropified is in la automatización

Dropified has a very convenient order management function. It processes, monitors, and sends emails of orders with logistics tracking information. Dropified BOOSTS efficiency of order processing and evita manual mistakes.


  • Rapid order processing 
  • Extract and edit product information by one-click 
  • Automatic profit margin
  • Partner with US suppliers

Usted obtiene less hassles with Dropified’s product import and order fulfillment automation. It saves you tons of time y increases customer satisfaction para hacer crecer tu negocio.

Checking our review of Dropified.



Spocket is one of the FIRST drop shipping solutions focused on US and EU suppliers. It has over 10,000 global users and years of experience. With these, it has built a solid reputation as a reliable shipping platform

Características principales: 

  • Automated price, inventory monitoring, and updates
  • Import and push any product to your online store in minutes
  • Compatible with many eCommerce platforms
  • Innovative Chrome extension for importing from AliExpress


  • Wide range of EU/UK/US shipping products
  • Instant one-click order processing and fulfillment
  • No vendor fees, lowest shipping cost guaranteed 
  • Fast shipping process with reliable tracking information

Your business has access to a vast range of shipping products con el lowest shipping fees. The reliable tracking information from Spocket also gives you MORE CONVENINECE. 

Lectura sugerida: Spocket Review: El viaje hacia el negocio de SEIS FIGURAS



Oberlo is an excellent dropshipping tool to source quality and affordable products. You ship products directly to your customers without hassles.   

Características principales:

  • Import products and bind them to your online store
  • Product inventory and auto price adjust
  • Integrated logistics tracking system
  • Track sales, conversion rates, and user visits to provide data charts at a glance
  • Optimizar SEO


  • Sincronización diaria del producto.
  • Disponible en la extensión de Chrome 
  • Quick and secure product imports

It is EASY to use and SUPER beginner friendly. You save lots of time with the simple y conciso dashboard. But, it is not available on Shopify anymore starting from 15th June 2022. Here’s our Oberlo Reviews.



Auto DS is a reliable, robust, all-in-one shipping tool that manages all your shipping tasks. You save time on shipping management with automation.

This cloud-based platform tracks prices in different stores. The graphs let you watch the number of orders at your conveniencia. Business owners can also search and import hot-selling products RAPIDLY. 

It monitors your stock levels on the proveedor listings, so you need not worry being out of stock. You ahorra mas tiempo with its bulk upload functions too.

Características principales: 

  • Pricing and inventory monitoring
  • Automated orders
  • Comprehensive customer service
  • Performance statistics and analyzation


  • Ease of managing bulk orders 
  • 30 free auto-orders available
Lectura sugerida: AutoDS Review: Is It Worth The Hype

Pros & Cons of Easyship

Pros & Cons of Easyship


  • Easyship integrates with a amplia gama of prominent eCommerce platforms and marketplaces
  • Huge shipping rates descuento (up to 70%!), only available on the Easyship platform 
  • Fácil de usar y confiable 
  • Fascinate shipping rates at checkout benefit both you and your customer 
  • Ofertas servicios de almacenamiento
  • Mejores match any size of business with the plans introduced 
  • Dynamic tool to manage domestic and international tax and duty charges
  • Create, customize, and print custom shipping labels a gusto
  • Gestión del riesgo shipments updates 


  • A limited number of shipments you can process per month for most of the plans 
  • Limited options for customer support
  • Ninguna aplicación móvil 

¿Está buscando un proveedor chino confiable?

A este tenor,  el albergue mejor calificado Agente de abastecimiento de China, lo ayudamos a encontrar fábricas, obtener precios competitivos, hacer un seguimiento de la producción, garantizar la calidad y entregar los productos en la puerta.

Palabras finales

Offering services since 2014, Easyship has become one of the best shipping platforms. Easyship is ABSOLUTELY worth a try. You may experience their free trial before you buy anything.

Save time. Efficient. Effective. MORE PROFIT. Manage your shipment in this one-in-one platform, and you’ll see the difference.

FAQs about Easyship Reviews

1. How does Easyship work with Shopify?

Easyship offers easy integration with Shopify. You only need to connect your Shopify account to Easyship and start your journey! It syncs your orders upon connection and calculates your cheapest shipping options.

2. How is Easyship so cheap?

Easyship is a worldwide leading shipping platform with reputable service provided. It negotiates with its partners to provide the off-market price on the platform. Also, Easyship strives to give users more discounts on shipping rates. So, you may find the price in Easyship is lower than other platforms.

3. How do I track my Easyship?

Track your Easyship shipment’s progress on the Easyship Dashboard. Navigate to Manage Shipments > All, and click the hyperlinked tracking number. You can access the tracking page with the URL. Or, view the tracking details by clicking on the three dots to view more.

Que sigue

Easyship enables thousands of traders to reach customers all over the world. It ships at LOW prices and EXCELLENT conversion rates. More margins to business owners, more profitable. 

Looking for a comprehensive shipping solution? Abastecimiento Leeline is the name you can trust. Over the years, we have helped thousands of clients with one-stop sourcing solutions. Engage us now for more personalized business solutions!

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