Dropship Self Defense Products To Sell Online

Leeline is an ALL-IN-ONE stop shop for dropshipping. They offer world-class shipping and sourcing services. All thanks to their 10+ years of experience in the dropshipping industry. 

Leeline experts help you rapidly and dramatically grow your business! 

self defense products

Top 1 Agente de envío directo en China

Con 10 años de experiencia en China negocio de dropshipping

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Leeline es su socio comercial de dropshipping de confianza en China

Is Dropshipping Self Defense Products Online rentable en 2022


Do you want a stampede of new buyers for your business? Then dropshipping self-defense products is your best bet.

And the ENTIRE process is SEAMLESS. 

Just find the right product. Select RELIABLE suppliers. Create a brilliant marketing campaign. And start selling. 

Dropshipping Self Defense Products

Venta Al Por Mayor Self Defense Products For Dropshipping

home security Alarm

Wholesale Home Security Alarm

Alarma llavero

Wholesale Keychain Alarm

El spray de pimienta

Wholesale Pepper Spray

safety whistle necklace

Wholesale Safety Whistle Necklace

anillo de autodefensa

Wholesale Self-defense Ring

self-defense stinger

Wholesale Self-defense Stinger

Nuestros Self Defense Products Dropshipping Los servicios incluyen:

Abastecimiento de proveedores de productos

Sourcing Self Defense Products Suppliers

We’ve worked with a TON of proveedores de dropshipping over the past decade. Plus, we have a VICIOUS technique to find TRUSTWORTHY suppliers.

Get reputable suppliers you can trust with your hard-earned money. ONLY at Abastecimiento Leeline!

Control de calidad del producto

QUALITY ASSURANCE is our MAIN core principle. We ensure ALL self defense products meet customer standards to the latter. No compromise in quality. No nothing. 

You sell quality products and position yourself as a trusted authority. (even if nobody’s heard of you). 

Control de calidad del producto
dropshipping de marca

Dropshipping de marca

Do you want to create an irresistible brand? One that can generate 7 figures constantly EVERY MONTH? We got you covered! Our team of experts helps you create a brand that ACTUALLY CONVERTS!

Build your self-defense products dropshipping company with us!

Private Label & White Label Self Defense Products

We’ll help you brand ALL your self-defense products– at little to NO COST. This help increases your BRAND EXPOSURE. And skyrocket your profit margins to the moon. 

Brand your products. Get more clients. Enjoy the life you want!

Etiqueta privada y etiqueta blanca
centro de Cumplimiento

Cumplimiento de Dropshipping

Time is VERY CRITICAL in the dropshipping world. Our FAST shipping services ensure your customers get their goods on time. And keep coming back for more every time. We also remove cualquier defective items from your shipments. So they arrive as good as new! 

Escúchalo de un compañero Self Defense Products Dropshipper

Honestly, I was impressed with Leeline’s services. Right from the customer support team. To fast delivery speeds. Splendid job, guys!

– Daniel, USA

Source Your Self Defense Products and Start Dropshipping

Ofrecemos el mejor precio y servicios de dropshipping para ayudarte a mejorar tu negocio de dropshipping. Ver más productos a Dropship

Mejor 6 Self Defense Products Dropshipping Supplier

Quit wasting hours and hours finding RELIABLE self-defense products dropship suppliers. 

Aquí hay una solución...

At Leeline, we’ve been dropshipping for the past decade. And we show you how to find trusted drop shippers for self-defense items, 100% FREE. 

You NEVER have to read fake or misleading security products dropshipping suppliers’ reviews. EVER. 

Here’s what we cover in this mega-guide: 

  • Advantages of dropshipping self-defense products
  • Best 6 self-defense products dropshipping suppliers
  • How to start your self-defense products dropshipping business

Are you excited? Let’s go…

Advantages of dropshipping self-defense products

dropshipping self  defence products

Dropshipping security products is the most unsuspecting way to make money in 2022.

Pero ¿por qué? 

  • Bajos costos generales: you need to handle any personal security products DIRECTLY. Or worry about managing cumplimiento centers. Thus, you get to keep what you ACTUALLY make.
  • Scalability is EASY: your dropshipping proveedor handles ALL the donkeywork. From storing and sorting to delivery. So you have more time to expand your dropshipping store in a huge way. 
  • Less capital to start with: you ONLY make a purchase after closing a deal with a customer. That means you start with as little as $100– and that’s for building your website.
  • HUGE market: most people are more proactive in taking security measures than ever. And the market is constantly looking for personal protection items. (both for their homes & business). Hence, an EXCELLENT market to 10X your income.    

Did you know:? The global self-defense product market is set to golpeó $ 3.6 mil millones por 2025. (…that’s TWICE Arsenal’s net value). 

Best 6 self-defense products dropshipping suppliers

1. Made-In-China

Hecho en China

Hecho en China is one of the biggest wholesale self-defense products suppliers worldwide. 

They MAINLY deal in: 

  • Personal alarms
  • Security cameras (e.g., hidden cameras, surveillance cameras)
  • Self-defense torch
  • El spray de pimienta
  • Stun guns, and SO MUCH MORE

Their wholesale prices are pretty affordable– starting at $1 for a first ring. Plus, bolsillo shipping costs from as low as $5. 

The only downside is that shipping takes forever. Imagine waiting for a whole 20 – 38 working days? 


But that is a small sacrifice you can make to enjoy GREAT products. At half prices from other eCommerce platforms.  

Lectura sugerida: Compre de hecho en China



TBOTECH is also an EXCELLENT drop ship supplier for self-defense items. 

Their vast category of dropship security products includes:

  • Armas paralizadoras
  • Aerosoles de pimienta
  • Cámaras de seguridad
  • Knives (e.g., throwing knives, neck knives, etc.)
  • Self-defense torches, among MANY OTHERS

TBOTECH’s dropshipping program allows you to launch your business at zero costs. No hidden fees. No drop ship fee. Just pay a wholesale price & shipping cost for the products. And keep the rest for yourself. SPEND ON ANYTHING YOU WANT. 

They handle all the dirty work for you– packing, sorting, delivery, EVERYTHING. Thus, you have plenty of time to generate more leads and scale your business to the moon.

Podemos Hecho Envío directo desde China Fácil

Leeline Sourcing es para ayudar a Shopify y a las pequeñas empresas a obtener productos de China y construir su negocio de marca.

3. Tenvellon


Next up is Tenvellon. One of the BEST wholesale suppliers for security products, HANDS DOWN. 

Tenvellon MAINLY deals in:

  • Sistemas de hogar inteligente
  • Self-defense products
  • Sistemas de seguridad para el hogar
  • Outdoor security products, and MUCH MORE.

They have a FAST tracking system that lets you track a parcel’s entire delivery journey. And inform customers on time in case of any delay. 

Tenvellon offers reasonable prices that will PERFECTLY fit your budget. Especially if you are totally cash-strapped. 

Y la mejor parte?

You take advantage of their frequent promo codes & crazy discounts. To enjoy even lower prices for bulk purchases. 


4. GauTone


GauTone is a rockstar supplier in the dropship security products industry. 

They produce premium security products, including:

  • Self-defense torch
  • Personal alarms
  • El spray de pimienta
  • Cámaras de seguridad
  • Pocket knives, etc

GauTone offers international shipping. You get your parcel from anywhere around the world.

Plus, delivery only takes between 5 – 10 business days. Bastante impresionante, ¿verdad? 

5. KA Swords

KA Swords

Imagine having a dropshipping supplier with cutting-edge products. Ships on time. And their products are half the prices of other wholesale distributors. 

¿No es genial? 

KA Swords offers EXACTLY this (or maybe more). 

The offer TOP NOTCH:

  • Ninja gear
  • Pocket & butterfly knives
  • Drinking horns
  • Swords
  • El spray de pimienta
  • Tactical pens, etc

Shipping is done through UPS Ground, UPS 2nd day Air, UPS 3-Day, and USPS Priority Mail. Others include FedEx 2-Day, FedEx 3-Day, and FedEx Ground. 

Shipping is way FASTER. Thus, you don’t always have to keep your customers waiting for their packages. 

The only downside is that shipping costs are crazy as hell. But, hey, if it was cheap, it wouldn’t be faster. RIGHT!?

6. Safety Technology

Tecnología de Seguridad

Safety Technology is another great dropshipping supplier offering high-quality products. Especially in the security product marketplace. 

They deal in a wide variety of reliable security products such as:

  • Aerosol de pimienta
  • Armas paralizadoras
  • Tasers
  • Alarmas de seguridad

Why choose Safety Technology?

There are absolutely no minimum orders. That means you ONLY place orders you can comfortably pay OFF.


Safety Technology allows you to create your store from their website. If you are stuck, professionals help you create a stunning website in NO TIME. 

How to start your self defense products dropshipping business?

start your self defense products dropshipping business

Drop shipping security products is one of the most popular ways to make money in 2022. For sure. 

So we’ll summarize how you can start your self-defense drop shipping company TODAY. 

#1- Identify your potential customers. Who are you selling to? Where do they hang out? (e.g., gun shows, flea markets, home parties) What’s the EASIEST way to reach them? 

#2- Find Trending products. We’ll help you find best-selling self-defense products in no time, or we work for free!

#3- Select the RIGHT suppliers. Don’t light your money on fire by working with con artists or wack wholesale suppliers

#4- Build your online store. You can use Shopify to build your online store. That will suck in buyers like a vacuum cleaner on stimulants. 

#5- Register your self-defense dropshipping company. You can fill out an LLC or corporate with relevant authorities in your country.

#6- Invest in your marketing. Start selling and start cashing in!! ($$$)


¿Está buscando un proveedor chino confiable?

A este tenor,  el albergue mejor calificado Agente de abastecimiento de China, lo ayudamos a encontrar fábricas, obtener precios competitivos, hacer un seguimiento de la producción, garantizar la calidad y entregar los productos en la puerta.

FAQs about Dropshipping Self Defense Products

1. What is the best thing to sell for self-defense?

Pepper sprays and pocket knives are the BEST self-defense products to sell in 2022. Alternatively, tactical pens are also GREAT. Especially due to their lightweight and effectiveness. 

2. What are the details I should know when selling self defense products?

You should be aware of licenses & permits from your state council. This helps to AVOID lawsuits & fines in the future. 

3. What are the 5 elements of self-defense?

Here are the top 5 elements of self-defense: 
· Innocence: you should be defending yourself. NOT creating violence. 
· Immense: the situation was urgent. And the threat was to FAST, leaving no option but to defend yourself. 
· Proporcionalidad: Act in proportion to the level of the threat
· Evitación: You were NOT able to avoid the threat
· Reasonableness: Act in a way that any other reasonable person would

4. What’s the best legal weapon to carry?

A pocket knife. Why? It’s one tool you can rely on regardless of your location. In the jungle for survival. And in the streets for self-protection.  

Que sigue

Finally…it’s a wrap!

¿Sigues ahí? ¡Excelente!

Let’s finish by reiterating: 

Dropshipping self-defense goods is the EASIEST way to make money in 2022.

Little upfront capital is required, and the market is HUGE. 

So if you are serious about becoming an eCommerce guru. Dropshipping security products is an EXCELLENT option. 

Do you want to work with LEGIT Chinese suppliers? Or find ONLY winning products? PERFECT! Golpeanos at our contact pages. And our team will be in touch SHORTLY. 

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