Dropified vs Oberlo Mega Guide 2022: Details Comparsion

Sharline Shaw

Welcome to our Dropified vs. Crítica de Oberlo para el 2022.

The majority of reviews are either over-promotional. Or OUTRIGHT misleading. 

But you are in the right place…

At Leeline, we’ve been in the eCommerce industry for over 10 years. And we’ve tasted dozens of dropshipping tools. So we show you EXACTLY which platform will make you money. 

In this mega guide, we cover the following:

  • What is Dropified- and how it works
  • What is Oberlo- and how it works
  • Dropified vs. Oberlo: Key Features Comparison
  • Pros and Cons of Dropified
  • Pros y contras de Oberlo


dropified vs oberlo1

 Dropified vs. Oberlo: A Quick Look

What is Dropified, and how does it work?


Dropified is an immensely POWERFUL dropshipping app that lets you find winning products. EASILY. Plus, it automates ALL your negocio de dropshipping operations. So you can work your way up to a million-dollar company without wearing out. 

Dropified is BEST at: 

  • Picking trending dropshipping products (just reiterating🙂). You never have to rely on your gut instincts. EVER.
  • Driving traffic to your eCommerce store. Hence, you actually get a TORRENTIAL DOWNPOUR OF CUSTOMERS. 
  • Automate your entire dropshipping process. That’s from Cumplimiento de la orden to delivery. So you can enjoy working less and earning more.

Oh, and integrates seamlessly with your WooCommerce, BigCommerce, and Shopify store. 

Así es como funciona… 

# 1- Buyers order items from your dropshipping store

# 2- Find a RELIABLE product proveedor and purchase at a wholesale price

# 3- The supplier ships the products to your customer’s DOORSTEP. 

…and you get to keep your entire earnings. No taxes. No nothing. 

Bastante dulce, ¿eh?

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What is Oberlo, and how does it works?



Oberlo is a veteran in the dropshipping space. 

Basically, they provide ALL of Dropified’s offerings. Plus, a TON of information on how to hack the dropshipping matrix. And scale your drop shipping business to the moon.

Back to dropshipping…

Oberlo offers:

  • Investigación de productos: NEVER post products that stay months in your store
  • Shopify store management: Just a few clicks and Orberlo handles all the donkey work
  • Series of podcasts, YouTube videos, and guides on dropshipping. That means you are 10X ahead of your competitors. (who are starting from scratch). 

¿Cómo funciona? 

# 1- Find your next BESTSELLER and add it to your online store

# 2- Customer places an order

# 3- Connect with vetted Orberlo suppliers

# 4- Supplier ships products DIRECTLY to your customer. 

The only downside is that it only supports Shopify drop shippers. Thus, you should create a Shopify store to enjoy Oberlo’s magic. 

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Dropified vs. Oberlo: Key Features Comparison

1. Plan de precios

How much does Dropified cost?

Is it really worth my money? 

What about Oberlo? Is it CHEAPER than Dropified? 

OH NO, Isn’t that too much? 


We are going to answer these questions based on budget, features, and functionality. 

We’ll be BRUTALLY honest on which of these eCommerce platforms is worth your money.

Precios reducidos 

Precios reducidos

Yes, Dropified’s cotización  is a bit over the odds. 

Let’s break it down…so you start budgeting as EARLY AS NOW. 

Lifetime (pay once, enjoy FOREVER)

Here’s what $97/una vez te consigue:

  • Editor de imágenes básico
  • Basic Facebook Marketplace Lister
  • Sell on eCommerce platforms/ multiple stores
  • Soporte a la comunidad
  • FAST Order Fulfillment process
  • Auto Fulfill with Alibaba, AliExpress, and eBay

Retro (our BEST pick!)

Retro is BY FAR the most affordable Dropified subscription. 

$39. Every Month. ONLY. 

And you get all the features in the “lifetime package” plus:

  • Customized Profit dashboard
  • BOGO/ Advanced Bundle Mapping
  • Panel de beneficios
  • Weekly DFY Product Sourcing
  • Auto Inventory & Pricing Rules

LATEST: Channel Management

If you are a fan of going bigger and enjoying high-end features, this is the BEST option. 

For just $97/month, you enjoy the following:

ALL features in the retro and lifetime package plus:

  • Print on Demand Supplements
  • List, sell, sync & manage on Facebook shops
  • List, sell, sync & manage on Google shopping
  • List, sell, sync & manage on Instagram shops
  • List, sell, sync & manage on eBay

The new Channel management plan is ideal for the following:

  • Establecidas negocio de eCommerce los propietarios de
  • Shopify’ers ready to splash big bucks and enjoy advanced features

NOTA: You get two months free by opting for the yearly billing. Impresionante, ¿verdad?

Lectura sugerida: ¿Cómo pagar a los proveedores en Alibaba a través de Pay Later?

Precios Oberlo

Precios Oberlo

Unlike other eCommerce platforms, Oberlo’s pricing is quite simple. 

They only have two pricing options:

  • Oberlo Free Plan (Explorer)
  • Oberlo Boss– $29.90/month

Now let’s break that down…

The Oberlo Free Plan comes with the following:

  • 500 productos
  • Extensión Oberlo Chrome
  • Pedidos mensuales ilimitados
  • Mapeo de variantes

All these for a free plan? Good job, Oberlo!

ADVERTENCIA: The free plan is EXCELLENT if you are just starting out. But it’s not enough to scale into a 7-figure eCommerce store.

Oberlo BOSS ($29.90/month)

For less than $30 a month, you enjoy the following:

  • Pedidos mayoristas
  • 30,000 productos
  • Programa de Afiliados
  • Varias cuentas de personal
  • CAPTCHA Solver
  • Shipment tracking. You get an 8-digit tracking number.

Oh, and don’t forget you have access to ALL the features on the Explorer plan.

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2. Investigación de productos

The right product is the lifeblood of your dropshipping business. The oxygen!!

You get it right…your sales skyrocket through the roof. (No black magic!?)


Dropified Product Research

Dropified helps you sell products that are:

  • Altamente calificado
  • Fácil de enviar
  • Bajo demanda

Plus, Dropified gives you discounted access to AliExtractor. A high-tech tool that lets you find best sellers and create product bundles with ease. 

And it’s 100% FREE. 


Oberlo also has an EXCELLENT research framework thanks to their chrome extension. (much more on that later). 

Por ejemplo:

You want to import jewelry. Just click the jewelry section and wait. 

Investigación de productos de Oberlo


You get an up-to-date list of upward-trending products in that category. 

And can I use AliExtractor with my Oberlo account?

Yes, Oberlo users can enjoy AliExtractor from their main dashboard. 

Pero hay una trampa...

You pay $29/month to enjoy this service. (***SIGHS***)

3. Cumplimiento de la orden

Believe it or not, Dropified and Oberlo are SUPER FAST in processing orders. 

To some extent, it’s HARD to define which outshines the other. 


Oberlo’s auto-place order feature handles ALL customers’ requests in NO TIME.

You don’t have to follow up on each product during the fulfillment stage. Just a few clicks and Oberlo automatically complete the buyer’s order. 


  1. Pásate por la página de pedidos on your Shopify App Store
  2. Golpea la “order product” button– Oberlo does the rest. So you have more time to find more leads and grow your business. 
Cumplimiento de pedidos de Oberlo

Plus, it automatically updates your product inventory list. And tracks your shipment at EVERY step of its delivery journey. 


Dropified is a BEAST in order processing and fulfillment. 

Dropified offers a TON of tools to ensure you enjoy a smooth drop shipping experience. 

Sus auto-fulfillment engine handles everything in the order fulfillment pipeline. Just a click of the button- BAM, all orders are fulfilled.

dropified Order Fulfillment

Why Dropfied’s Order fulfillment is BETTER than Oberlo’s? 

Unlike Oberlo, Dropified supports auto-place bundled products. Hence, you NEVER stress out when handling bundled products from multiple suppliers. Regardless of their location. 

Also, Dropified provides a high-tech CAPTCHA solver. That solves all CAPTCHA issues displayed on product marketplaces. Especially during order fulfillment. (dropshipping just got WAY easier!)


4. Product Listing & Customization

In the digital marketplace (especially e-commerce), standing out is CRUCIAL for success. 

What makes you different from your customers? 

Is it your product images? Or product descriptions? What is it? 

Thankfully, Dropified and Oberlo offer to edit and customize options. So you personalize your store to attract more buyers. 

Oberlo Product Customization

Oberlo Product Customization

Oberlo product customization includes and is not limited to the following: 

  • Imágenes del producto
  • Types and tags
  • Description- you get dozens of product description templates
  • Producto
  • The Product price & weights

…or at least that’s what Oberlo claims.

You automatically update multiple bulk product price points from a single dashboard. Simply enter a multiplier or value, and Oberlo handles the rest. 

What about Dropified’s customization? 

One-word answer– FANTASTIC. 

With only a few clicks, you can customize the following: 

  • Imágenes del producto
  • Types & tags
  • Descripciones de productos
  • Vendor’s name
  • Add or delete variants
  • Product weight & prices
  • Product title, and SO MUCH MORE. 

Dropified also offers an advanced image editing tool. Your photos look stunning to suck in buyers like a vacuum cleaner on steroids. (#MoreMoney).

5. Facilidad de uso

Oberlo Usability

Oberlo is like whiskey on a rock. No coding experience. No nothing. 

It has a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate. Thus, you work while enjoying a sizzling Kung Pao Chicken dish.

Oberlo Usability

Everything is easily accessible. From order management tools to shipment tracking information. You coordinate, ship, and track products EASILY. Making Oberlo a huge advantage for beginners. 

And the fun doesn’t stop there…

Importing products to your Shopify store has never been any better. The entire process is fast, simple, and reliable. That means more products, more sales, and more money!

Dropified Usability

Dropified can be a little frustrating at first. Especially if you are a complete newbie in the dropshipping world. 

It can be pretty challenging to create product bundles or customize your store. Oh, and using the dropified chrome extension (more on that later) is quite HARD. 


No need to panic…

Dropified avails a series of training to induct you on how to navigate the site like a boss. Go ahead and skip the training. Just don’t complain to us when you haven’t made a product list in two weeks. 

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6. Extensión de Chrome

Oberlo Chrome Extension- What does it do?

This is a dope a** plugin that eases the entire product research process. 

That means you no longer have to log into your Oberlo’s main dashboard on a new tab. Just open your AliExpress account, and the plugin appears next to your dashboard.

Extensión de Oberlo Chrome

You use the Chrome extension to: 

  • Filter product based on the shipping method, país de origen, Etc.
  • Compare shipping costs

And finally, import products to your eCommerce store without any hassle. 

Again, you use the extension to place and fulfill AliExpress orders. 

Dropified Chrome Extension- What does it do?

This also comes in handy if you want to save time while finding hot products. Especially on crowded marketplaces such as Shopify and AliExpress. 

Is it BETTER than Oberlo’s Extension?

¡No, en absoluto!

Unlike Oberlo’s extension, Dropified does feature a wide variety of filters. It’s more of a product hunter– that shows the most profitable products in your niche.

Extensión de Chrome Dropified

And it issues real-time updates in case of inventory shortages or price changes.

However, Dropified integrates with numerous platform, including:

  • Amazon
  • Etsy
  • AliExpress
  • Walmart, and MANY OTHERS

7. Atención al cliente

Oberlo destroys Dropified when it comes to customer support. For sure. 

For starters, the Oberlo customer service team is ALWAYS available (24 / 7). They work round the clock to ensure you have the BEST user experience. 

You contact Oberlo through:

Alternatively, you can reach out to them through their official social media pages. 

And now to the best part…

Oberlo isn’t just any other dropshipping automation tool. 

The best way to describe it is to think of it as a dropshipping-based YouTube. 

An Oberlo membership grants access to over 74 dropshipping courses. 165 tutorials and 75 webinars.

Oberlo support

All for FREE. That’s 10X what you get from Dropified. 

Speaking of Dropified…

Dropified support

They offer customer support during specific business hours (8 am – 5pm central US). Hence, you have to wait for the weekend to end before you inquire about that delivery. (Oh, no…)

Dropified provides limited training videos on topics like:

  • Adding the Dropified extension to Google Chrome
  • Mindset training for eCommerce
  • Dropified Order Fulfillment Process

Nuestro veredicto: If you want to learn more about dropshipping, Oberlo is the BEST option. But if you want to grow your online store tenfold, Dropified is for you. (Who said you can’t use them all?…)

8. Multiple Supported Platforms

Next up is the platforms supported by these two AMAZING dropshipping tools. 


Oberlo ONLY works with Shopify. Hence, you can easily and securely import products to your Shopify store.

Oberlo Multiple Supported Platforms

You download the Shopify App Store from your Chrome browser. And link it to your Oberlo’s main dashboard in seconds. 

NOTA: One Oberlo account supports a single Shopify store. Thus, you cannot run multiple stores, which is a huge blow. Especially for pro dropshippers. 


Dropified is a Jack of All Trades in the dropship business. It supports a wide variety of eCommerce platforms, including:

  • BigCommerce
  • WooCommerce
  • eBay
  • CommerceHQ
  • AliExpress
  • Groove Kart

And that’s not even half the list. So you can operate multiple stores and rake in big bucks EVERY month. (#SellLikeCrazy).

9. Mercadeo.

No matter how well-organized your store is, you won’t succeed without proper marketing.

Your dream buyer isn’t just buying your product. They are buying dreams & hopes that your product will make their life way better. 

Así que ...

Show them testimonials from a customer who solved their challenges with your product. 

Dropified Marketing

Dropified allows you to import product reviews from your existing vendors on AliExpress. Or Amazon. Straight to your eCommerce site. 

Dropified Marketing

Also, Dropified offers a fully operational telephone service system. You never miss customers’ orders or inquiries. This system allows your buyers to forward calls, and leave voice messages, just to mention a few. 

Lastly, Dropified users can opt for TubeHunt. A powerful advertising tool that helps you scale your online store. 

The only downside is that it’s limited to Dropified Premium Plan Users. (C’mon Dropified, we all need to win, mahn…)

Oberlo Marketing

You also import product reviews EASILY with Oberlo. Just tap the “import reviews” icon, and you get all existing reviews in minutes.

ADVERTENCIA: Oberlo DOES NOT have a telephone service system. Thus, making it hard to communicate with potential buyers. Plus, it really becomes a challenge for you to establish trust with your buyers. 

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What are the Pros And Cons of Dropified?

Pros And Cons of Dropified


  • Garantía de devolución de dinero de 30 días: So Dropified is not for you? Great, Dropified returns every cent you spent, no questions asked.
  • Prueba gratuita de 14 días: Experience Dropified before spending your hard-earned cash. That way, you don’t end up wasting your time, money, or energy. 
  • EXCELLENT Customer support: they are always ready to help. Plus, you have access to a series of ultimate dropshipping guides. That means you understand potential roadblocks and how to avoid them. 
  • High-end features: Dropified is like the UN of dropshipping tools. There’s a tool for everything. That includes order fulfillment, shipment tracking, and product uploading. Thus, you can automate ALL these processes and have more time to find more leads. 


  • Most tools are limited to AliExpress: making it hard to test their potential. Especially with big eCommerce platforms such as WooCommerce or BigCommerce.
  • Precios: Dropified is NOT cheap. You will pay up to 39.17/month and still not enjoy premium features. 

What are the Pros And Cons of Oberlo?

Pros And Cons of Oberlo


  • Prueba gratuita de 30 días: You have plenty of time to learn Oberlo’s basics. And determine if it’s the BEST for your business. Oh, and there are absolutely no hidden charges afterward. 
  • Usabilidad: Oberlo has a pretty sleek user interface. You enjoy jumping through its web pages EASILY. Hence, more time to try out that Poke bowl from the new hipster joint. 
  • Educación: Oberlo equips you with knowledge. So you know EXACTLY how to take down the big dawgs. And build a sustainable eCommerce business. 


  • Low-quality suppliers: there are a TON of con artists roaming the platform. Ready to take away your hard-earned money. 
  • Oberlo’s support is SLOW: this makes it hard to fulfill customer requests. Or even retain customers. 

Veredicto final

Are Oberlo and Dropified worth your money?

Sí, 100%

Oberlo is the BEST FIT if you are just starting out. Their educational-content are worth every bit. In fact, you learn more from them than you would in two years. 

Dropified is a F****** LITERAL BEAST in the dropshipping world. It’s not any regular tool. Dropified eliminates hours of painful research by availing hot products in seconds. Plus, you easily import products to your store with zero hassle. 

So if you’ve ever dreamt of success in the e-commerce space, try Dropified TODAY. 

FAQs about Dropified vs Oberlo

1. What is replacing Oberlo?

SaleHoo is fast-gaining popularity and will soon crush Oberlo. Never to be heard again. It is secure and convenient for first-time drop shippers. Or cash-strapped online store owners. 

2. Is Spocket better than Oberlo?

Spocket outshines Oberlo when it comes to delivery speeds. They deliver products within 2-7 business days. While Oberlo delivers within 20 – 30 working days.

3. ¿Dropified funciona con Shopify?

Yes, Dropified integrates seamlessly with Shopify. Just create a Shopify account and link it to your Dropified main account. BOOM- you can automate all your dropshipping processes INSTANTLY.

Que sigue

Phew… we’ve come to the end of this super long Dropified vs. Oberlo review. 

We hope we’ve covered all your questions. And you can now make the best decision moving forward. 

Let’s end by saying this:

If you want to grow rapidly, Dropified is the way to go. 

Yes, prices are a little bit crazy. But that’s what you get to enjoy a premium drop shipping experience. 

But if you just want to get your feet wet in dropshipping, check out Oberlo. You’ll get valuable information on how to navigate this competitive market like a pro. 

Are you looking forward to working with the BEST Chinese suppliers? Or you want help in sourcing winning products? Worry no more. Reach out to us via our páginas de contacto. And we’ll be in touch in no time.

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